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Kids yoga is completely different from yoga as we know it. And teen yoga is completely different from yoga for two year olds. Nonetheless, breath, movement and relaxation will be found in kids yoga as well. The difference is, we do it The Kids Way.


Kids yoga is all about sounds, laughter and having fun. We allow our imagination to lead us into shapes and positions while making yoga playful. A kids yoga class can take us on a yoga journey through the jungle, bring us to the land of the vikings, let us experience a safari in Africa, invite us to visit Pocahontas in America or show us how the world of the dinosaurs. A kids yoga class can also be an obstacle course, a themed class; it can include a sing-a-long song, dance games and so much more!

A kids yoga classes varies according to the age group. However, yoga is competition-free for all ages. Today, most children and teenagers recognize the stress, pressure and anxiety of being good at something. Statistics suggests that they also feel like they always have to win, always need to achieve a full score at everything they attempt, and that they constantly have to perform at their best level at all times. 

In yoga, we remove this by making yoga competition free. We place emphasis on not comparing oneself to others, and that no one is better than others. Yoga is not something you can or cannot do, we all can do yoga!

In other words, the goal of kids yoga is not to teach them a specific move, make sure they learn a particular skill or determine their evaluate their ability. The goal of a kids yoga class is in the way the children feel when they exit the room. Kids yoga assists the children in discovering their own values for themselves.

The younger the kids are, the more props, toys and accessories we use. The more active the age group is, the more active the class is. We use stories, games and props to achieve this.

We believe that energy and uncontrolled enthusiasm is something that needs to be utilized and optimized, rather than limited and stopped. Our aim is to create positive associations around yoga. Yoga is also an activity where the kids can keep or return to the flexibility they had as newborns, as well as developing strength, coordination and balance.

There is no set rule to how we divide the kids into age groups, and you might find that this varies from place to place. The size of the class depends on the age group and will also vary. Children who require additional assistance or attention are more than welcome to attend kids yoga, as the teacher should be able to adjust the class according to who fills his/her class.

Kids yoga is a fun, colorful and exciting experience! I love to play with kids, be childlike and help them discover and unveil who they are, who they are growing into and what talents and skills they possess

I hope to see your child on the mat!

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