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I have always loved communicating. I have used many methods to communicate my thoughts and feelings over the years. Through dancing and acting as a child and teenager, I used the stage as my tool. In school and throughout my university degree, I used the power of words, both written an spoken. And for as long as I can remember have I used music to express myself, both through singing, playing and performing, as well as creating and writing my own music.

When we practice and/or teach yoga, we often dip a little deeper into ourselves, and I often find myself with an urge to speak about various topics with my students and colleagues.


As a means to connect a little more with you, I have decided to share some of my thoughts regarding yoga, growing up, being an adult, vegan food and life in general.

The intention behind this page is to connect with my students and followers at another level, and share my experience as both a yoga teacher and a student.

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