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TEEN YOGA  13 - 16


15:45 - 17:00

Magenta Yoga, Bekkestua

This is a yoga class designed for teenagers. It combines hatha/vinyasa flow with partner yoga and focuses on flexibility, strength and breath.

The aim of the class is two fold.  On one side there is the physical benefits we work towards such as increased coordination, balance and strength, and on the other side is the mental and emotional benefits such as increased self awareness, confidence and trust.

We create a safe space for the teenagers to unfold and hope to create an an environment where the teenagers can allow themselves to be themselves.



17:15 - 18:30

Magenta Yoga, Bekkestua

This class is for the seasoned practitioner. It is designed for those who is already comfortable with the basic positions such as downward facing dog, warrior II and tree pose, and is ready to take it to the next level! It is also beneficial if you are already comfortable with a variation of sun salutation.

This class will continue to build strength and generate flexibility in the body and will look further into where tightness can bend and where softness can be strong.

We will look further into new arm balances such as variations of bakasana (crow pose) and we will explore new inversions such as sirsasana (headstand) and pincha mayurasana (forearm stand). This class will also introduce a greater variety of standing balancing positions.

This class invites you to step outside of your comfort zone and take the next step in your yoga practice.

TWEEN YOGA  10 - 12


16:00 - 17:15

Magenta Yoga, Bekkestua

This is for the in-betweens. This class is designed specifically for those children who do no longer only feel like a child, but is not yet at that teenage stage. 

In this class we take another step away from yoga games and yoga journeys and we let the stuffed animals watch as we practice (well mostly). We begin to explore the world of partner yoga and yoga acrobatics while we prepare the children for a stronger self practice that is waiting for them when they become teenagers.

This class will also introduce themed classes such as friendship, trust and confidence. We will explore the children's inner world to a greater extent and will work more closely with their self esteem and the importance of good friendships.



17:30 - 18:30

Magenta Yoga, Bekkestua

This is the class were fun meets yoga! A true kids yoga class with props, stuffed animals, yoga games and yoga journeys. 

We invite the children to co-create the class and truly allow their imagination to run while we practice yoga.

This class will work on the children's flexibility, coordination, strength and a little self esteem.

We emphasize the importance of leaving competition and performance outside of the yoga studio - this is the space the children can just be exactly as they are. We welcome any mood, any energy level and every physical ability.

Each class will end in relaxation were we take the children on an imaginative journey while they lie down and listen to the teacher.



06:30 - 07:30

SATS Sjølyst, Skøyen (Oslo)

This class is for the early birds and is definitely the perfect wake up call! In this class we focus on waking up the body -the joints, the muscles, the tissues, the mind and the heart.

We start with the joints and work our way through various sun salutations before we end in Savasana were we use various lying meditation to prepare the mind for the day.

This class welcomes any level from the freshest beginner to the most seasoned practitioner.

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