I am a certified Hatha Yoga teacher from Breath of Life Yoga Centre in Greece and a certified Kids Yoga teacher from Rainbow Yoga in Australia.

I have a bachelor's degree in philosophy and a master's degree in international relations. I am a 2017 graduate from Bond University, and received several awards for my efforts as a student.

At university I spent four months researching the benefits of yoga for children with trauma. In collaboration with Bela Menso Brain and Behaviour Centre and my supervisor Dr Grant Sinnamon, was I able to teach yoga to children with PTSD, autism, anxiety, depression, ADHD and oppositional defiance disorder. For a period of six weeks I taught daily yoga classes to children with these disorders, collecting data to address whether an intensive yoga intervention as a part of a clinical treatment program for children with PTSD would see a measurable change in children's adaptive behaviour. 

I specialise in yoga for children, tweens and teens, and I'm greatly interested in the physical and mental benefits of yoga for kids and adults. My adult classes are focused on developing a physical, sustainable and personal practice for each practitioner, while my kids classes are focused on fun, friendships and well-being. Today, I collaborate with various schools in and around Oslo, and have been teaching yoga full-time since 2017.


I co-own Nia Lapansi, a company producing eco-friendly yoga products.

I am one half of Acro Vikings, teaching and practicing acro yoga around the world with my partner Stian André Holm Pedersen.


After many requests from students, friends and social media followers have I decided to start offering free classes online. I launched my YouTube channel in October 2019 and will post weekly classes from January 2020. Click Here to follow.


I can't whistle - at all

I love long haul flights and big airports

I worked on a sweet potato farm in Australia between 2012-2013 for a four month period. I also worked on a pumpkin and mango farm for a while.

I LOVE country music and secretly wish I lived in Nashville, played guitar and wore cowboy boots.


The ocean and space.

I love beaches, but the idea of being dropped into the middle of the ocean frightens me. And I am considering crossing the Atlantic on a sailboat - talk about facing your fears!

Riding bikes. I rode a bike last summer for the first time in six years. It freaked me out

Heights. I am super afraid of heights. However, that doesn't stop me from climbing tall trees, roof tops and mountain edges when there's a possibility for a good photo


Good raw and meaningful

conversations about real topics

Unique woman who dare to be themselves and trust in their dream and intuition

Women who support women and

girls lifting up girls

Lucinda Riley's books

My family members and my closest girlfriends all inspire me in their own way

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