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Kamilla is a bundle of energy and joy, and her yoga comes straight from the heart. She challenges me when I need to be challenged and supports me when it feels like I'm stumbling. Her teaching is packed with clear descriptions of alignment and flows, but the effects are deeper. I truly feel seen in her classes!


Kamilla brings her positivity and uplifting energy to every class. I like the way she teaches; how she explains every position and transition, and why we are doing them. My first impression of Kamilla was so positive we begged the studio to give her a permanent class, which they did. I have followed her ever since. Kamilla is an incredibly skilled teacher - I am truly happy I discovered her and can strongly recommend her!


The first that welcomes you to Kamilla's classes is her big smile. Kamilla has a way of seeing every student and makes me feel looked after the entire class. She makes me want to challenge myself and master positions I didn't think I could do. My daughter attends Kamilla's kid's classes, and she loves her. She describes Kamilla as a fun, playful, smiling and caring teacher. As a witness to these kids classes, I see how she truly sees every child and helps them increase their confidence, self-esteem and makes them see their own worth. I love it when she makes them dance like nobody's watching!

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